New publication: Graham Swift’s Waterland, Ecocriticism and Narratology

This month my article on Graham Swift’s Waterland appeared in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. I’d been working on this article for a while, and benefited from the comments of an excellent peer reviewer, so I’m particularly pleased to see it published. A link to the free version of the article on the Oxford UP website is available here.

waterland.jpgIn the article, I use Waterland – which has been explored by ecocritics before – to set out a framework that combines ecocriticism and narratology. It ties in with the emerging field of econarratology, which I expand by looking specifically at Waterland‘s framework narrative and use of the fairy-tale genre. I discuss how the emphasis on storytelling in the book combined with the attention it pays to landscape invites an econarratological approach. In particular, I focus on the instability of both the Fenland landscape and of stories, which is an aspect that I return to in my work, most recently in my monograph. As such, my reading reveals environmental layers in the novel that earlier readings had not uncovered.

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