Astrid Bracke: work-life balance mentor, helping women to set boundaries, tune into their energy and live a more balanced life.

Hi, I’m Astrid

I’m a work-life balance mentor who helps female small business owners set boundaries, follow their energy and create a life that deeply fulfils them.  

In the past years I’ve made small and big changes to my days, weeks and months. These shifts have helped me overcome burnout, make choices about how I work, and how I spend my non-work life. 

Things truly shifted for me one day as I was waiting for the kettle to boil. 

It was the middle of the workday, and I was probably spending this mini-break thinking about which tasks next to check off my to-do list. I had gotten very much better at saying no and setting boundaries, but I still organised my days around work. Time to relax was optional—a reward if I got my work done. 

That day something inside me clicked: I no longer wanted to organise my days around work. Yes, obviously, I still have a mortgage to pay, so I do have to work, but I don’t want it to be the main event in my days. 

Since then I’ve changed many things. I started my own business to have more flexibility in my days –and help others create a work-life that works better for them. I also changed my relationship to email (tip: check it as little as possible). And I set clear boundaries around when I’m available for work, and when I’m not.

In addition, I changed when I get up (later, not earlier), and start every working day by reading a novel for half an hour before work. I track which tasks give me energy and which drain me, and have quit or delegated the things that make me unhappy.

Work no longer feels like the main event of my day. Instead, I’m filling my days the way that I want to the most: with spaciousness, reading and walks. 

For years I kept hearing the same stories, at work and among friends and acquaintances. Stories of stress, overwhelm and burn out. Stories of feeling guilty all the time, never having enough time for work, family, or both. I kept meeting women who craved work-life boundaries that left more room for themselves, for a hobby, or exercise.  

These stories made me start my own mentoring business, and to focus on work-life balance for female small business owners.

If you’re feeling exhausted from keeping all the balls in the air, craving alone time or time for a hobby or exercise, or just want to feel more fulfilled in what you do on a daily basis, I’m here. 

As a work-life balance mentor, I’m really good at providing clarity when people are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened. I’m also good at providing practical strategies and tips, helping women experiment with different ways of organising their days, weeks and months. And I’m excellent at seeing alternatives to the way women are currently working and living. By doing so I help them to reframe productivity and make more room for themselves.

In my previous work as a teacher in higher education I had hundreds of conversations with (mature) students who tried to juggle all the parts of their lives. They struggled to combine their jobs with their classes, alongside life with small children or ageing parents on the side. I loved helping them discover more pockets of rest and making choices that lightened the load. 

Through personal experience and working with others, I’ve developed strategies that you can use too. I’d love to support you as you create the work-life balance you long for. 

I’m passionate about adding space and time—room to breathe—to women’s days. 

If you’re craving a work-life balance that works better for you (especially in the year we’re having!),  do get in touch.