hi, I’m Astrid

I help small business owners set + affirm boundaries that feel good, make marketing + social media work for them and run their business from a place of energy.

let’s build a business that feels good

Are you looking for more ease in combining your business with your life?

Are you in need of the clarity to focus on what feels good for you in your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media + the need to be ‘on’ all the time in order to run your business?

Do you need help getting clear on priorities + ways of moving your business forward?

Are you aching to create a marketing strategy that is focused + purposeful, not overwhelming and confusing?

Do you long to do more of the things in your business that give you energy, and less of the things that don’t?

Need help setting boundaries that work for your business and life?
I’ve got you.

Business boundaries that feel good is coming October 2021. A beautifully designed guide, full of strategies, prompts and pages of templates to help you set + communicate business boundaries that feel good.

small business mentoring


” Astrid really created some clarity in sectioning off elements within my business/job/tasks, making the processes and time much clearer for me. It just felt very reassuring, and also comforting to know I have way more of a plan now.” (Freya Lines, paper artist + designer)

“After the call I felt both motivated AND confident on what we discussed and what I decided to do about each of those things.” (Ruth Werwai, Raincloud & Sage)

“I was amazed by how much we covered in such a short space of time. Astrid was so well prepared, which really put me at ease and help me enjoy the process!” (Sarah Robertson, These Are The Days)

I need help…

redefining the role of social media in my business

Take the quiz: What’s your social media hurdle?

Get the social media guide for small business owners: feel purposeful, intentional and focused around social media, without spending more time + energy on it

running my business from a place of energy

Small business mentoring and resources by Astrid Bracke

Hi, I’m Astrid, voracious reader, caretaker of over a hundred houseplants and lover of big cups of strong, milky tea. I’m happiest when settling down to read with a cup of tea in the middle of the workday.

I started my business because I longed to grow and experiment in ways that my 9-to-5 didn’t allow. I wanted more freedom and flexibility in my days, and be more in control of my income. 

Those early weeks of hatching a plan and starting my business were really exciting. But soon I felt lost. I realised that I had no idea how to build and run a business that worked for me—and none of the books I read or podcasts I listened to could tell me. 

Now, I have build a business that genuinely serves me and the life I want to live. I’ve kicked the ’shoulds’ to the curb, have grown confident in setting boundaries around availability and demands, and have created a marketing system that works for me, including social media. 

And through my small business mentoring + resources, I’d love to help you do the same.