more joy, less pressure

One day I looked out the kitchen window and realised that what gave me most joy was being in the garden. Reading in a quiet corner. Sitting on the wall in front of the  house chatting with my partner. 

And I knew that these were the moments I wanted to build my life around

More joy, less pressure grew out of what I did after that realisation. In four weeks I’ll help you too feel more joy, more rest and more space. You’ll make small changes to your days that turn into big changes in how you live your life.

A life filled with moments that light you up.

More joy, less pressure is my 4-week email course designed to help you craft a life of more joy + less pressure. A life of rest + space, rather than shoulds + rush.

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This is not your regular email course. I don’t pop into your inbox only to leave you hanging as you try to make changes on your own. At the end of every week, after you’ve had a few days to work on the weekly assignment, I check in with you to ask how you’re doing. I’ll give you some more pointers and support–and you can reply to those emails to ask me questions.

Want more support? I’ve got a special 1:1 offer for participants to help you go deeper during or after the course.

This is for you if…

  • you ache to shorten your list of shoulds, expectations and to-do’s
  • you feel that you have to earn rest or moments of joy
  • you want to stop planning your days around work + chores
  • you’re not sure what exactly fills you with joy, what gives you energy or how you can find moments of rest in your busy days
  • you know what makes you feel joy + rest but think you don’t have the time to add this to your days, without making you feel even busier
  • your downtime mostly looks like bingewatching Netflix or scrolling Instagram, but you don’t feel fulfilled by it

What you’ll feel instead

  • clarity about the things that are important to your life; about what you want to prioritise; about the actions, habits and situations that give you joy + energy, and those that don’t
  • intentionality about the way you’re spending your time and energy
  • ready to make + communicate choices about the way in which you want to fill your days, weeks + life
  • more rest + joy

What you get in more joy, less pressure

  • 2 emails a week (Mondays and Fridays), for 4 weeks, starting June 22nd, offering tips, strategies and worksheets
  • the chance to ask me questions by replying to the Friday emails
  • a workbook combining all the materials at the end of the course for further reference (incl. a list of my favourite resources!)
  • optional: additional 1:1 support from me during or after the course.

Optional: added 1:1 support during or after the course

Want to go deeper into the topics we covered in the course? Or could you use some extra support as you figure out what gives you energy + joy, how to find time and create a life that lights you up?

During or after the course, you can book up to 2 sessions at a reduced rate of €75 (about £67) for a 60-minute session to go deeper into the topics covered in this course. Book your reduced session through the link provided in the twice-weekly course emails.

Topics covered in more joy, less pressure

Week 1: What do you spend your time on? Figuring out what you currently fill your days with (and dealing with any shame or guilt that might come up around the way you spend your time).

Week 2: Which of your weekly activities give you joy + energy? Which activities don’t? What do you want more of? And how do you figure out how you feel anyway?

Week 3: Obstacles and roadblocks: how do you add these moments of joy + rest to your week? What kind of expectations (internal/external) do you have to take into account? What can you say ‘no’ to?

Week 4: Making changes: a gentle plan for the coming weeks and months + ways of making these changes sustainable in the long run.

Registration for more joy, less pressure is now closed. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first hear when the course runs again.

What past participants of my workshops said

At the end I felt more space in my head, clarity about what is important to me and specific ideas about how to make more space for the things that matter to me in my life (Rob)

Inspiring! I now start my days differently, took email off my phone and feel better because of clearer boundaries between work and life (Meredith)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will doing the assignments take?

It’s completely up to you how much time this course will take you every week. Every Monday you get an email with suggestions and a worksheet. Ideally, especially in weeks 1 and 2, you’ll check in with yourself several times a week about the things that do and don’t give you joy + energy. In terms of time investment, this would take 30 minutes to an hour a week.

Can I do this during lockdown?

You can absolutely do this course during lockdown. I’d even argue that now is a good time for taking a look at your life and how you want to make changes, because everything is now different than usual.

You get emails twice a week from me, but the course is self-led apart from that. There’s no falling behind: you’ll get a gentle nudge from me every Friday, and at the end of the course you get a workbook with all the materials collected in one file, for future reference or to do the course again.

How much support do I get? Do I get 1:1 support from you?

While this course is not the same as getting 1:1 support, I do invite you to email me with questions that arise during the course. You might wonder about how to implement a certain strategy, or want some feedback on things that you want to start saying ‘no’ to. If you want more support, and really have me follow along with and guide you, I’ve got a special 1:1 offer for course participants (see above).

Will you run more joy, less pressure again?

I will probably run this course again, but at a higher price, and I don’t know exactly when yet. If, for whatever reason, you think this might not be the right time for you, you can still sign up and get all the emails and the workbook to go through whenever it suits you.

Registration for more joy, less pressure is now closed. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first hear when the course runs again.