new normal

feeling anxious + overwhelmed?

I can help you settle into a new normal

I know that we’re all feeling unsettled, anxious or overwhelmed right now.

I know we’re worried about the impact the current pandemic will have on our lives, our jobs, businesses and future.

I also know that there are things we can do to feel less overwhelmed and anxious.

To feel more fulfilled, calmer and more resilient.

I want to help you navigate these strange times, find more calm and settle into a new normal.

free resources

7 days of gentle rest + joy: free download with activities to help you feel more settled


some gentle ways of settling into a new normal (newsletter April 2020)

1:1 coaching

A Burst of Clarity: 30-minute 1:1 call + 7 days of Voxer-support (see below)


coming soon

A Burst of Clarity:
30-minute 1:1 coaching + Voxer-support

In this 30-minute call I’ll help you get clarity on how you want to feel and what you need right now. I’ll help you figure out what lights you up in this time. We’ll identify pockets of time + space in your day that you can spend on getting more rest + joy. I’ll help you implement strategies for more focus and self-care, and habits and routines that will decrease your anxiety. 

Following our 30-minute call you’ll have 7 days of Voxer-support (an online messaging service much like WhatsApp). I’ll check in with you to help you put the new normal into place, and tweak anything that is not yet working for you.

Voxer is a free voice and text-app. I’ll check in with you once a day, and respond to your messages twice a day, excluding weekends. 

This is right for you if:

  • you feel unsettled, anxious and overwhelmed at the news + the impact of the pandemic on your life and future; 
  • you feel frazzled, tired and unfulfilled as you’re making it through the days;
  • you struggle to find a balance—a new normal—in combining work, (child)care and time for yourself;
  • you feel unsure about what to do next, both in your private and work life
  • you feel unmotivated and have trouble focusing on anything. 

The cost for A Burst of Clarity is €55 (approximately £49 and $60).

  • Wonder whether A Burst of Clarity is right for you?

    Send me a message–I’m happy to answer your questions before we schedule a call.