What I’m reading in 2019

I like to keep track of my reading – in my paper calendar, and on this site. I did the same in 2015, 2016,  2017 and 2018.

(updated monthly)

Title Author Date finished
Scenes from Early Life Philip Hensher 4/01/19
Die Gewitterschwimmerin Franziska Hauser 7/01/19
The Sing of the Shore Lucy Wood 9/01/19
The Edge of the World Michael Pye 14/01/19
1599 James Shapiro 21/01/19
The Maze at Windermere Gregory Blake Smith 26/01/19
Less Andrew Sean Greer 29/01/19
An American Marriage Tayari Jones 2/02/19
Calm the F**k Down Sarah Knight 2/02/19