work with me

I know how important it is to have someone by your side as you make changes to your life.
I can be that person for you.

Do you spend your days just trying to make it from one task to the next? Do you go to bed and wake up feeling tired of all the things you feel you have to do? Do you want your days to look different, more fulfilling and calmer?

Are you overwhelmed with work or your expectations of your life? Are you having trouble getting the things done that you want to get done? Or do you crave some more clarity about your goals, plans and how you want to spend your life?

I know what it’s like to make choices that feel scary, at work and in life.
I know what it’s like to work in an industry that celebrates overwork and in which emotional pressure is the norm.
I know what it’s like to crave a more fulfilling life.

Over the past few years I’ve made many changes to my own life. I’ve created days that feel more fulfilling, which leave time for rest and joy. I’ve developed ways of working that use productivity not to work more, but to achieve more rest.

I’m really good at helping others get more clarity about their challenges and goals. I’m good at keeping you accountable, and at cheering you on as you create new habits. I’ve got lots of experience helping people tackle procrastination and other obstacles, to help them achieve their goals in a way that feels good to them—without having to ‘hussle’ all the time. 

I’m here to help you make small and large changes to create the life you desire. To help you achieve goals that make you feel a tingle in your stomach. 

I work with everyone who wants to live their life differently. Who wonders whether there’s more to life than work. Who is ready for more time and space for joy and rest. Who doesn’t want to work more, but does want to work more effectively and productively.
In other words, people like you. 

This is me

  • Down-to-earth and concrete
  • Friendly and clear
  • Curious and enthusiastic
  • Over 10 years experience of helping people change their habits and lives

And this is what I’m good at

  • Creating clarity in your thoughts and wishes
  • Helping you gain overview, create structures and plans
  • Summarizing and clarifying what’s on your mind
  • Keeping you accountable
  • Listening empathically: I know what it’s like to struggle, to be tired and frustrated

There are a few ways of working with me:

* For 1:1 coaching we’ll always have a 30-minute call to get to know each other before you commit to anything.

let’s get to know each other