social media guide for small business owners


You can feel purposeful, present and joyful around social media in your business. You can get rid of the overwhelm, the pressure, the ickyness of scrolling and the paralysis caused by comparison. You just need a little help getting there.

Social media for small business owners helps you reframe your relationship with social media and the role it plays in your business. It will help you to examine what it is that is currently making you feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out, not enough or simply icky from using social media.

If you buy the guide, you’ll get to make use of my special offer: a one-hour 1:1 boundary hour where we can dig into anything that came up in the guide, and I can support you to make tailored changes around the role of social media in your business. As it’s a one-off offer, the price of the boundary hour is €75.