a collection of my favourite small business resources

(resources made by me + favourite tools and affiliate links with discounts)

free resources

email series: move your business away from social media

This series will help you radically deprioritise the role of social media in your business. Over the course of 4 emails and 4 weeks, you’ll explore ways to decrease the time and energy you spend on social media, discover alternative ways of marketing, and make a plan to go forward. 

Join the revolution. Move your business away from social media.

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the energy balance sheet

Get a quick visual on what you spend your energy on. Which parts of your life and business give you energy, and which drain it? 

The energy balance sheet is designed to give you the clarity and courage to find out what you want more of in your business and life–and what you’re going to stop doing. 

The energy balance sheet is the first step to running your business from a place of energy, and it’s free to newsletter subscribers.

how to create a marketing strategy that is focused + purposeful

Feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and like you’re spending too much time marketing your small business?

This 11-page workbook will help you review your current marketing strategy + create one that fits in with your business and your life. With examples and templates of a marketing ecosystem and process to fill in.

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how to create a slow, gentle and profitable Pinterest strategy

In July 2021 I started experimenting with Pinterest. I was immediately impressed with the results I got, and how little time and energy it costs me. 

This 10-page checklist is based on my own strategy, and helps you use Pinterest in a way that is slow, gentle and effective. No pressure, and no need to be on all the time. 

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courses + guides

social media for small business owners: a five-day guide

Social media for small business owners helps you reframe your relationship with social media and the role it plays in your business. It will help you to examine what it is that is currently making you feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out, not enough or simply icky from using social media. 

business boundaries that feel good: a five-day guide

Business boundaries that feel good helps you set and affirm boundaries for your business (and your life). It’ll help you recognise when your boundaries are crossed, set new boundaries, and communicate them. 

At the back of the guide you’ll find templates, sample emails, checklists and strategies to communicate boundaries to your customers (and quick help when a boundary’s been crossed). 

blog posts

read my blog posts on creating a slow, gentle and profitable business

other resources that I love + use

courses, communities + more

(all links in this section are affiliate links, meaning I get a percentage if you use them. I also include affiliate links to things I 100% love to use)

Scheduling Shortcuts

The only Pinterest course you’ll ever need. I learned everything I know from Amy and it just works. It’s 100% worth the money, and she updates it all the time.

The Aligned community

My absolute favourite place online. A lovely space with equally lovely small business owners exploring cyclical and seasonal living + running a business.

Canva Pro for design

I use Canva Pro a lot to create workbooks, pins, logos and lots more and to schedule Pinterest pins. Easy to use and with loads of templates to inspire.

I’m keeping a growing list of books that I loved reading, and that I hope you love too.

more tools

Coolors: I love using this free tool to create my brand colour scheme

Unsplash: high-quality free images (+ the ability to upgrade to Unsplash+ so the creators actually get paid)

Headline Studio: great for checking the titles of blog posts and Pinterest pins 

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