Hi, I’m Astrid.

Let me help you create the work-life balance you long for.

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed with juggling work + life?

Are you working long hours with no time for your family and friends, let alone for yourself?

Do you long to feel more fulfilled, have time and energy for hobbies, alone time or a side hustle?

I can help.

I can help you clarify where those feelings of overwhelm, burn out and stress come from — and support you as you make changes.

I’m by your side as you set new boundaries that leave more room for you in your life.

I’ll help you feel empowered and in control of your work + life.

1:1 coaching

I work with women who are tired of being overwhelmed and stressed about juggling work and life. Women who wonder whether there’s more to life than work, or whether there’s a way to live a life more fulfilling. everyone who wants to live their life differently. Who are ready to get clear on what is truly important to them, and to set the boundaries that reflect that.
In other words, people like you.

What people have said about working with me

I find your Instagram posts incredibly motivating. –Vera

I loved how much clarity working with Astrid gave me. The strategies she provided were concrete and I could immediately use them in my daily life. – Iris

I love following along with you on social media + in your newsletter. I’m a huge fan of your way of creating a better work-life balance – Sophia

about me

Hi, I’m Astrid, voracious reader, caretaker of over a hundred houseplants and lover of big cups of strong, milky tea. I’m happiest when settling down to read with a cup of tea in the middle of the workday.

I’m a work-life balance coach who can support you in adding more moments that make you deeply happy to your days.

I’m by your side as you set boundaries and communicate them to colleagues, friends and family. As you discover what you spend your time and energy on, and how changing this can lead to more moments for hobbies, a side hustle or self care (or reading in the middle of the day).

ways I can support you

1:1 coaching

I’m here to help you create a work-life balance that makes you feel fulfilled + calm. That leaves room for a life next to work–guilt free.


A monthly-ish dose of practical first steps, habits + strategies for more fulfilment, more balance and better boundaries.


Every month I send you a short + sweet email packed with strategies + habits for a better work-life balance, a more fulfilling life and boundaries that leave more room for you.

free resources

Your first steps towards the work-life balance you long for: worksheets and more to help you craft the life you crave.