there is a slower, gentler + more profitable way of running your business

slow, gentle + profitable small business mentoring

It can be hard to discover your way of doing business.

I won’t tell you to follow the steps I took. Instead, I will help you explore what is important to you and your life in order to create a business that nourishes you. #nohustle #zeroproductivityhacks

Astrid Bracke, small business mentoring

reading, tea-drinking, plant-collecting small business mentor with a PhD in English lit


Sarah Robertson on 1:1 mentoring

“Before my call with Astrid I felt quite overwhelmed by the ‘need’ to show up everywhere on social media. But our call helped to relay my fears around letting go of those channels in order to make more room for other marketing opportunities.” 

Natalie Warner on the free newsletter resources

“Your materials are brilliant and very meaningful. You have helped me to take some important steps to this week, and there’ll be more to come. I can already feel the difference and I can’t wait to start putting your advice into action!”

Jen Wright on the social media guide

“There are so many tools and resources promising to help with posting on social media, but Astrid’s guide is completely unique as it is about supporting the individual person and guiding you to practice self awareness and intentional use, rather than just more pressure to spend time online. She asks ‘why?’, not just ‘when can you do it?'”

Astrid Bracke, small business mentoring

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