work-life balance mentoring for female small business owners

Hi, I’m Astrid, voracious reader, caretaker of over a hundred houseplants and lover of big cups of strong, milky tea. I’m happiest when settling down to read with a cup of tea in the middle of the workday.

In the past, I’ve experienced overwhelm, burn-out and stress from keeping all the balls in the air. Since then I’ve made changes to my life that have radically improved my work-life balance.

I’ve developed strategies that have made it easier to set and stick to boundaries and tune in more to my own energy levels. More importantly, my days are filled with the room and space that I long for.

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been before.
And I want you to be too.

free resource

Longing to feel more empowered around how you organise your days? Looking for more clarity on where your energy really goes?

My free energy balance sheet is just the thing for you.

It’s designed to help you get insight into where your energy goes. It’ll support you to make changes in how you organise your days and weeks, tap into your energy, and give you the courage to stop doing the things that drain you.

Guide: social media for small business owners

social media for small business owners: a 5-day guide to reframing your relationship with social media (and feeling good about it!)

Imagine that there was a way to be on social media as a business owner without feeling like you have to be ‘on’ all the time. That there’s a way of running your business where social media doesn’t feel like the main way of marketing your business. Imagine what you’d do with the time you now spend over-scrolling. 

Imagine feeling purposeful, present, joyful—simply good—on social media. 

My social media guide will help you to feel just that, in 20 minutes a day over 5 days.

In my blog posts I share strategies, habits changes and mindset shifts to help you set boundaries, follow your energy and create the work-life balance you long for.

Are you ready to create the work-life balance you long for?

Do you feel stressed with juggling the different parts of your business and life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media and the need to be ‘on’ all the time in order to run your business?

Are you working long hours in your business with no time for family, friends, or yourself?

Do you feel guilty about spending time on your business rather than with family?

Do you long to feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled, and have time for hobbies, exercise or simply some time alone?

work-life balance mentoring for female small business owners

I find your Instagram posts incredibly motivating.-Vera

I loved how much clarity working with you gave me. The strategies you provided were concrete and I could immediately use them in my daily life. – Iris

I love following you on social media and reading your newsletter. I’m such a fan of your way of creating a better work-life balance – Sophia

what we can work on together

setting boundaries

I’ll support you to set and communicate boundaries around your business and life, figure out priorities and feel good about saying ‘no’. Together we’ll set boundaries around social media and make it work better for you in your business. I’ll be by your side as you make more room in your life for the things that light you up, and kick guilt or overwhelm to the curb.

working with your energy

I’ll help you figure out which events + activities give you energy and which don’t. I’ll help you discover when you work best and when you need more rest. I’ll offer you strategies to help you make more room for yourself, and leave permanent exhaustion behind.

living a more balanced life

Through work-life balance mentoring I’ll support you in deciding what your ideal work-life balance looks like, and will be by your side as you make choices, set priorities and make changes. I’ll help you escape the treadmill of busyness and help you gain more perspective + focus on your business.