bespoke workshops for communities + memberships

I love working with groups around running a slow, gentle and profitable business. I’m a natural teacher, and very skilled at creating clear and engaging materials. 

Topics that I’d be happy to do workshops on:

  • planning and prioritizing
  • moving your business away from social media
  • slow,  gentle and profitable marketing
  • creating routines and structures that nourish business owners (rest, boundaries and energy)

Have an idea for a workshop or training?

Do get in touch with me! I’d love to hear from you!

“After the workshop with Astrid I immediately felt more space in my head. I had specific plans on how to go forwards and structure my days differently” – R.G.

“The workshop with Astrid was really clear and specific” – N.

“The first step I took after the workshop was take my business email off my phone. It made a huge difference!” – M.