boundaries for small business owners

It’s time to create business boundaries that feel good

Your boundaries are beacons that help you create the life and the business you crave.

Business boundaries that feel good is here to support you.

Boundaries are the things we say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to.

They shape how we live our lives and run our businesses.

They determine when and how we work. How we spend our time and energy. The pace at which we create and ship our products. When we’re available for our clients.

How we respond to family demands during working hours.

Boundaries determine how and when we take time for ourselves. When we rest and recharge.

Boundaries are guardrails and permission slips.

You started your business with a reason. Boundaries help you make that vision happen.

Business boundaries that feel good guide.

business boundaries that feel good:
a five-day guide for small business owners

This guide will help you figure out which boundaries are important to you in your business (and your life). It’ll help you recognise when your boundaries are crossed, set new boundaries, and communicate them. At the back of the guide you’ll find templates, sample emails, checklists and strategies to communicate boundaries to your customers (and quick help when a boundary’s been crossed). 

It’s structured to be done over the course of five days, but of course you can take as long as you like. Each day’s activities/assignments/prompts will take about 20 minutes to do. 

The guide will support you to:
  • review which current boundaries are and aren’t working
  • decide which new boundaries you need to set in your business
  • communicate your (new) boundaries to customers, clients and family (templates and sample texts provided in the guide)
  • make a plan to stick to your boundaries and review them in the future.

lovely things people said about my previous guide

There are so many tools and resources promising to help with posting on social media, but Astrid’s guide is completely unique as it is about supporting the individual person and guiding you to practice self awareness and intentional use, rather than just more pressure to spend time online. She asks “why?”, not just “when can you do it?”. (Jen Wright, Life, Aligned)

This is such a refreshing approach to social media—not a how to ‘do’ it but a how to ‘enjoy’ it (Vanessa Simpson, photographer)

Astrid’s e-book has helped me to figure out what triggers some of my unhappiness around social media. It was down to the five challenges and the exercises in her book that I can now deal with it better, look at IG from a “good to have” perspective and use it with more intention. Thank you, Astrid! (Katharina Geissler-Evans, Heiter Magazine)