social media for small business owners:

a five-day guide to reframing your relationship to social media (and feeling good about it!)

Social media is not your job

(even if you run an online business)

Imagine running your business without worrying about social media algorithms. Without trying to figure out the right hashtags. Without the pressure to make content and to adapt to new ways of sharing your content (stories, grid, reels, lives…).

Imagine feeling purposeful in how you market your business. Imagine feeling connected and joyful on social media. Imagine feeling present when you’re on social media, and present when you’re off.

You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed and pressured by social media in your business. Many of the female business owners I speak to struggle with a lack of control around the platforms themselves, and how their carefully crafted posts are displayed. They scroll aimlessly for hours in an attempt to be ‘on’ social media, and suffer from comparison instead.

You feel like too much of your energy is going to social media, but you don’t know how to fix it.

You can feel purposeful, present and joyful around social media in your business.

You can get rid of the overwhelm, the pressure, the ickyness of scrolling and the paralysis caused by comparison. You just need a little help getting there.


Social media for small business owners helps you reframe your relationship with social media and the role it plays in your business. It will help you to examine what it is that is currently making you feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out, not enough or simply icky from using social media–and make a plan to feel more purposeful + intentional around the role of social media in your business.

The guide covers:
  • the current role of social media in your business and how you feel about it
  • strategies for being present when you’re on social media–and present with your business, your family, your life when you’re not on
  • dealing with and overcoming comparison on social media
  • reframing the role of social media in your business to include other channels and media
  • making a plan to go ahead to ensure that you keep feeling good about social media in your business

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What you get:
  • a 20-page guide
  • 5 days worth of mindset shifts + experiments that you can do in just 20 minutes a day
  • two additional worksheets to help you dig deeper if you want to
  • practical ways of overcoming the overwhelm and pressure of social media
  • to feel purpose, presence and joy around social media in your business
  • the ability to make use of my exclusive 1:1 mentoring offer the boundary hour at a special price (see below).

the boundary hour:
exclusive 1:1 mentoring offer if you buy the guide

In a one-off call, we’ll dig deeper into the role that social media plays in your business, and how you’d like it to change. I can help you with changes and experiments tailored to your business, deal with feelings of pressure, guilt and comparison, or simply give you the permission you need to focus less on social media, and more on other ways of moving your business forward.  

This boundary hour is available exclusively to buyers of this guide, at a special price of €75.* 

The boundary hour is for you if: 

  • you want to dig deeper into some of the feelings or practical challenges that came up for you in this guide
  • you need help setting boundaries around social media use, or around work and life more generally
  • you want to shift your focus away from social media as your primary marketing tool and brainstorm other ways of moving your business forward
  • you crave tailored suggestions for using social media in your business that feels good for you.

More info + how to make use of the boundary hour in the guide.

*Please note: unlike my 4-call package, the boundary hour does not offer any long-term support through calls and email. Of course, you are welcome to book the 4-call package after the boundary hour as well. 

I loved how much clarity working with Astrid gave me. The strategies she provided were concrete and I could immediately use them in my daily life. – Iris

After working with Astrid I literally felt more space in my head. I felt more clarity about the new boundaries I wanted to set, and how to set them – R.

What this guide isn’t:

a series of life + business hacks to help you gain 1,000 new followers overnight.

a list of tricks that influencers use or a run-down of the best scheduling apps to use.

requiring you to work harder and spend more time on social media.

What this guide is:

a five-day guide to help you feel less overwhelmed and less pressured around social media in your business (in around 20 minutes a day).

a combination of mindset shifts + experiments to try out.

a way to reframe the role of social media in your business (and helping you focus on more than just social media in your business).

a way to bring back the joy in using social media for your business.