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Once a month I send a brief note with tips, strategies, thoughts and ideas on creating a life of rest + joy. 

I write about figuring out what makes you feel fulfilled, finding the courage to make difficult (but oh so worth it) choices, taking more time for what matters most to you and building more rest into your daily life. 

I also write about ways of using productivity tools in a gentle way–not to work more, but to enable you to craft a life you love, whether that means doing more, doing less, or doing nothing at all 🙂

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Over the past years I’ve made many choices myself that have led me to the life I’m leading right now. I’ve learned the consequences of overwork the hard way, and have slowly learned to listen to my body and to what I really want and need deep down. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m so glad I made these changes (find out more about me and my story here).

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