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free mini-course:
move your business away from social media

this mini-course will help you

  • map the current role + aim of social media in your business;
  • explore ways of deprioritising social media in your business;
  • discover + try out alternatives to social media that fit in with your business and your strengths;
  • make a plan tailored to your business for how to go forward deprioritising social media and developing alternative marketing methods or channels.

who is the mini course for?

Everyone who is unhappy with the amount of time and energy they’re spending marketing their business on social media. Whether you want to simply spend less time on it, or radically quit social media, this email series will support you. 

A lot of the time, people who talk about quitting social media already have a large newsletter, podcast or other community off social media. I’ll show you that this doesn’t have to be the case at all. Even if you are just starting out with your business, don’t have a huge newsletter following or audience elsewhere, you can deprioritize social media. The trick is merely to not just take social media out–as many people do–but to intentionally cultivate other channels. 

You can deprioritize social media in your business without a large audience elsewhere.

will I still make money without social media?

Yes, you will.

We’ve become so conditioned to think of social media as the only way to market a business that we forget that there are other ways. And that there are tons of people doing it differently.

Do you really want to create and run a business in which a fundamental part drains you? Do you really want to dread posting on social media every week? Do you really want to spend energy on something that is making you feel burnt-out, not-enough, icky or overwhelmed? I know I don’t.

It is your business, and you can get to set the rules. 

“I signed up for Astrid’s workshop and mini-course on deprioritising social media and both were very helpful and insightful. The exercises enabled me to focus more on how social media platforms work for me, which was not necessarily what general advice indicated. I have also come up with ideas for new resources and products, and I’m looking forward to bringing them into the world.  I might not have developed them without Astrid’s course and workshop, and I would recommend taking at least one (preferably both).”

— Natalie W.

what does the mini-course consist of?

The mini-course consists of 4 lessons delivered over the course of 4 weeks to help you move your business away from social media. I’ve deliberately chosen to spread this out over 4 weeks instead of 4 days to give you time to make changes.

Shifting your marketing strategy takes time.

Every week you’ll be notified by email that a new lesson with tips, strategies and experiments to try out is available. This will take you about 30 minutes to an hour a week. 

week 1: current place of social media in your business/marketing strategy

week 2: ways to decrease the time and energy you spend on social media

week 3: alternatives to social media

week 4: make a plan

when is it taking place?

This is an evergreen series: whenever you sign up, the first email will pop into your inbox.

The mini-course is hosted through Podia, where you will keep access to it for as long as I offer it.

Creating an evergreen series fits in with one of my main marketing channels, Pinterest. Pinterest is a great channel to use for evergreen marketing as pins don’t age as posts on Instagram and Facebook do. 

I know that there is a need for this mini-course, and I’ve experienced the benefits from deprioritizing social media in my business myself.

why are you running this mini-course?

This mini-course will not lead to a paid course, or a special offer in the end. There is no upsell, although I will mention ways of developing this work further, primarily through 1:1 mentoring.

There are two reasons that I’ve created this mini-course: 

  1. I love this topic. I love thinking and talking about something that so many of us take for granted (in this case, social media) and then think outside the box. I know that there is a need for this, and I’ve experienced the benefits from deprioritizing social media in my business myself. I love creating materials and content–and, if I might say so, I’m good at it. I know that this mini-course will be valuable.
  2. My main focus in the first half of 2022 is to book more 1:1 clients. I honestly believe that the mini-course is a complete product, that on its own will help you deprioritize social media in your business. I also hope, however, that some of you will want to go deeper in this topic with me. 

how does this mini-course differ from the social media guide for small business owners?

This mini-course is primarily practical: taking you from mapping the role of social media in your business, to exploring and adding alternative ways of marketing your business. It’s all about how to move your business away from social media in varying degrees.

The social media guide for small business owners is all about changing how you feel about social media in your business. It helps you to deal with mainly the emotional side of marketing your business on social media, from feeling that you need to be ‘on’ all the time, to dealing with comparison and more.

how do I sign up?

Sign up for the mini-course by following the link below to the course page on Podia. After confirming you’ll immediately get access to the first lesson and the rest in weekly increments. 💌

If you’re not already on my newsletter list, signing up for the challenge will also sign you up for my monthly-ish newsletters + give you access to the library packed with resources on how to create a slow, gentle and profitable business.

what other small business owners have said about my newsletter + resources

“Your materials are brilliant and very meaningful. You have helped me to take some important steps to this week, and there’ll be more to come. I can already feel the difference and I can’t wait to start putting your advice into action!”

Natalie Warner

“I just wanted to say that I found this month’s newsletter super helpful as usual. It was really helpful to get me thinking about a few changes I could make. I made notes of all the points you addressed in here for future reference so just wanted to say thank you!”

Ruth Werwai

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