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I love writing and speaking about ways in which small business owners can create the work-life balance they long for. If you’d like me to write a guest article for your blog or magazine, or interview me for your podcast, do let me know! I also love giving (online) workshops and trainings.

I tend to combine practical strategies with mindset shifts, helping readers and listeners get more insight in how they feel about their business + life, and make changes.

Topics I like to explore include:

  • boundaries: between different parts of your business; around social media; in relation to clients, customers, family demands;
  • what it means to follow your energy as a small business owner, and how to add more time + energy to your days doing what you love;
  • reframing productivity and shaking off the 9-to-5-mentality;
  • dealing with guilt when combining a business with a family or other demands;
  • my own journey from working all the time to radically changing how I work (and how I feel about it–read more about my journey here).

press + features

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