writing_laptopI’ve been writing about humans and nature, ecocriticism, the contemporary British novel and contemporary non-fiction for over a decade.

I blog about my research, talks and publications on this site.

I completed my dissertation, Ecocriticism and the Contemporary British Novel in 2012. In 2017, my monograph Climate Crisis and the Twenty-First-Century British Novel will be published.

I’ve written articles on urban nature in fiction and non-fiction, polar landscapes, the challenges the contemporary novel poses to ecocriticism and the relationship with nature that ‘real’ food suggests. I’ve given talks on floods, gender and walking, econarratology, ‘real’ food and other topics.

Currently I’m working on an article on the ethical dimensions of twenty-first-century flood novels. In 2017 and 2018 I will contribute a chapter on Ian McEwan and ecology and science to The Cambridge Companion to Ian McEwan, edited by Dominic Head and a chapter on Jim Crace’s early novels for Jim Crace: Into the Wilderness, edited by Kate Aughterson and Katy Shaw.