About me

Hi, I’m Astrid

Few things make me as happy as sketching out plans. I’m happiest doing this in one of my favourite cafes, with a cup of good tea by my side. I never go anywhere without my notebook—or without a book to read. When I’m not reading, I spend some of my happiest moments tending to the 75+ houseplants in my home.

I used to be productivity-ninja. I could do it all, beat very deadline, and work seemingly without getting tired.  Until I no longer could. And no longer wanted to. 

Over the past few years I have learned to combine productivity with rest. I learned to listen to my body. I created many more daily moments of joy and deep happiness.  I still get a lot done in a day, but I am so much happier. 

The combination of productivity and rest (what I like to call #radicalrest) is at the core of my coaching practice.

I help people to use productivity tools, make plans and achieve goals, in order to live a less of less pressure, less stress and more fun. More rest. More time for what is important to them. 

I help people who no longer want to do it all. Who ache for a different way of living their life, but don’t know how. People who want to reconsider their relationship with work, and the way they spend their time. Who want to make choices for more joy, and more rest. 

Is that you? Get in touch with me & we’ll talk about whether I am the right fit for you (free of charge + no strings attached). 

The portrait pictures on this site were taken by Jaap Meijers, Eerlijke Media, and were shot in the plant store Bleshyou in Nijmegen.