About me

Hi, I’m Astrid

I’m a voracious reader, caretaker of a 100+ houseplants and lover of big cups of strong, milky tea. I’m happiest when settling down to read with a cup of tea in the middle of the workday. 

I’m a work-life balance coach who can support you in adding more moments that make you deeply happy to your days. 

I never used to think much about work-life balance. I just worked. A lot. Hard. Without taking many breaks. I beat every deadline, had permanently tensed shoulders and felt at a loss when I wasn’t working.

Until I couldn’t anymore. And I didn’t want to.

I started noticing my own struggles and those around me. Conversation after conversation colleagues and friends told me about feeling like they worked all the time. Answering emails late at night. Arguing with partners about having to work another weekend. Feeling like life was okay, but wondering whether there was more to. Feeling guilty towards both work and their private life.

Ten years ago I started mentoring people, helping them to figure out what they really wanted their life to be like. Changing their work-life balance was high on their lists.

At the same time my own mental health forced me to rethink how I worked. I discovered the joy of reading during the workday. Of late starts. Of afternoon walks. Of impromptu weekday coffee dates.

I learned to listen to my body. I created many more daily moments of joy and deep happiness. I still get a lot done in a day, but I am so much happier. 

You too might be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out. You may wonder whether there’s not another, gentler way of living life. You might crave to set some more boundaries around work and life.

Let me help you create the work-life balance you long for.

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The portrait pictures on this site were taken by Jaap Meijers, Eerlijke Media, and were shot in the plant store Bleshyou in Nijmegen.