I help small business owners set boundaries that feel good, make social media work for them + run their business from a place of energy.

Running your own business means figuring out priorities, making decisions on marketing, getting clear on what will move your business forward, and juggling all the different parts of your business.

Oh, and live the life you envisioned when you started the business.

I’ve got you.

Work-life balance mentoring for small business owners, 9-to-5 workers and women running a side business.

I can help you if you’re feeling…

  • overwhelmed by social media and like you need to be on all the time in order to build and run your business
  • exhausted from juggling all the different parts of your business
  • overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out from work + trying to combine work with a family, hobbies, exercise and time for yourself
  • pressured to say ‘yes’ to demands from work and family over the time you spend on your business
  • torn between spending your working hours on life admin and chores on the one hand, and your business on the other
  • tired, exhausted, guilty from the way you’re spending your time + the demands that are made on you

mentoring for different stages of your business

You’re in the early stages of your business and…
  • Feel busy all the time now that you’ve launched your first product(s) or services.
  • Feel like you need to market on all the channels all the time (and are never getting it right).
  • Struggle with comparison and the feeling that you need to do things differently.
  • Feel guilty for spending time on running your own business rather than on family and friends.
  • Feel exhausted from trying to juggle working in your business (making and selling products, working with clients) and working on your business (developing new products or services, updating your website, doing outreach, developing a marketing plan that works for you).
  • Are lacking a sense of perspective on your business as you’re so caught up in the day-to-day.
  • Struggle to set priorities that will really move your business forward in a way that feels good and works for you and your life.
Your business is up and running and…
  • It looks like a success on the surface but you’re too overwhelmed and stressed to enjoy the lifestyle you imagined when you started the business.
  • Feel like you can’t keep up with juggling the different parts of your business, let alone your life next to the business.
  • Feel like you need to scale up your business in order to earn what you want to earn, but don’t want to do that at the cost of yourself.
  • Feel like you have no time for yourself, family or friends next to your business.
  • Struggle with social media and having to be on all the time in order to keep making sales.
  • Have lost a sense of your business priorities and what you need to do move your business forward in a way that feels good to you.
Let me help you set boundaries, tune into your energy and create the work-life balance you long for.

are you ready?

clarity hour

A single 1-hour session. Perfect if you want help setting priorities, affirming boundaries + formulating next steps around social media, the different parts of your business or balancing work + life.

It’ll leave you feeling focused, calm + ready to make immediate changes.

Includes a 1-hour call, a pre-call questionnaire + notes afterwards.

* €95 is around £82

4 sessions

Mentoring over the course of 3-4 months to try out practical strategies + mindset shifts.

Dive deeper and get support setting + affirming boundaries, changing your relationship with social media and running your business from a place of energy.

Includes 4 calls + check-ins in between + notes after each call.

* €420 is around £360. Payment plans available.


I really liked that Astrid championed the way I work, working gently, there was no element of applying more pressure or more tasks, so I didn’t feel inadequate in my business, and I didn’t feel more stressed about elements. Astrid really created some clarity in sectioning off elements within my business/job/tasks, making the processes and time much clearer for me.

It just felt very reassuring, and also comforting to know I have a bit more, or way more of a plan now. Astrid provided me with tons of ideas, aims & a plan for the next few months, but all with a sense of calm, which is amazing.

Freya Lines | Paper Artist + Designer

I’m passionate about the ways in which we can make our lives more fulfilling, more purposeful + more focused as small business owners.

I’m especially passionate about doing that in a way that does not require working harder or more (or spending more time on social media!)

I can help you

  • gain clarity around how to move your business forward in a way that feels good to you
  • feel more purposeful around the role of social media in your business
  • set and communicate (digital) boundaries with clients + customers
  • discover how to work more effectively (rather than more!) in your business
  • stop feeling guilty around how you’re spending your time in your business
  • build more rest into your days
  • set boundaries around business and personal demands
  • say ‘no’ and feel good about it
  • spend your time more intentionally on the things that light you up, on daytime walks, cups of tea by yourself, that new book you’ve been longing to get into, or that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try
  • feel calm and rested
  • feel present with work when working on your business, and with your family, friends or yourself when you’re not working

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