let me help you create the work-life balance you long for as a female small business owner

Are you ready to set boundaries, tap into your energy, and live a more balanced life?

Sometimes you need somebody to offer clarity on your feelings of stress, overwhelm and burnout. Somebody who can offer you practical strategies to try out. Someone to walk by your side as you make smaller and bigger changes to the balance of your business and your life.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed juggling life and your business as a female small business owner. And I can help you make changes.
Work-life balance mentoring for small business owners, 9-to-5 workers and women running a side business.

Work-life balance mentoring is for you if you’re a female small business owner feeling

  • overwhelmed by social media and like you need to be on all the time in order to build and run your business
  • exhausted from juggling all the different parts of your business
  • overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out from work + trying to combine work with a family, hobbies, exercise and time for yourself
  • pressured to say ‘yes’ to demands from work and family over the time you spend on your business
  • torn between spending your working hours on life admin and chores on the one hand, and your business on the other
  • tired, exhausted, guilty from the way you’re spending your time + the demands that are made on you

Work-life balance mentoring for different stages of your business

You’re in the early stages of your business and…
  • Feel busy all the time now that you’ve launched your first product(s) or services.
  • Feel like you need to market on all the channels all the time (and are never getting it right).
  • Struggle with comparison and the feeling that you need to do things differently.
  • Feel guilty for spending time on running your own business rather than on family and friends.
  • Feel exhausted from trying to juggle working in your business (making and selling products, working with clients) and working on your business (developing new products or services, updating your website, doing outreach, developing a marketing plan that works for you).
  • Are lacking a sense of perspective on your business as you’re so caught up in the day-to-day.
  • Struggle to set priorities that will really move your business forward in a way that feels good and works for you and your life.
Your business is up and running and…
  • It looks like a success on the surface but you’re too overwhelmed and stressed to enjoy the lifestyle you imagined when you started the business.
  • Feel like you can’t keep up with juggling the different parts of your business, let alone your life next to the business.
  • Feel like you need to scale up your business in order to earn what you want to earn, but don’t want to do that at the cost of yourself.
  • Feel like you have no time for yourself, family or friends next to your business.
  • Struggle with social media and having to be on all the time in order to keep making sales.
  • Have lost a sense of your business priorities and what you need to do move your business forward in a way that feels good to you.

You just can’t shake the feeling that life could be different

Work-life balance mentoring can help you to

  • gain clarity around how to move your business forward in a way that feels good to you
  • feel more purposeful around the role of social media in your business
  • set and communicate (digital) boundaries with clients + customers
  • discover how to work more effectively (rather than more!) in your business
  • stop feeling guilty around how you’re spending your time in your business
  • build more rest into your days
  • set boundaries around business and personal demands
  • say ‘no’ and feel good about it
  • spend your time more intentionally on the things that light you up, on daytime walks, cups of tea by yourself, that new book you’ve been longing to get into, or that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try
  • feel calm and rested
  • feel present with work when working on your business, and with your family, friends or yourself when you’re not working
Let me help you set boundaries, tune into your energy and create the work-life balance you long for.

Work-life balance mentoring for female small business owners

Get help setting boundaries around the different areas of your business, work with clients and your private life. Learn to set better digital boundaries around email and social media.

Learn to better guard your own time. Figure out how to be more effective, without working more.

Return to the reason why you started the business in the first place, and add time for family, friends and yourself to your days.

I can help you feel more fulfilled with how you’re spending your time + energy, at work and outside of it

I know what it’s like to feel exhausted and overwhelmed from combining work and life.

I’ve experienced overwhelm, burnout and stress from keeping all the balls in the air.

In the past years I’ve made changes to my life that have radically improved my work-life balance. 

I’ve developed strategies that have made it easier to set and stick to boundaries and tune in more to my own energy levels. I’ve gotten better at saying ‘no’.

Now my days are filled with the room and space that I long for.

After working with Astrid I literally felt more space in my head. I felt more clarity about the new boundaries I wanted to set, and how to set them – R.

The first change I made when I worked with Astrid was to take my work email off my phone. It made a huge difference in how overwhelmed and stressed I felt. I also worked on organising my mornings differently, which made me start my days calmer and more focused. – Meredith

I loved how much clarity working with Astrid gave me. The strategies she provided were concrete and I could immediately use them in my daily life. – Iris

Our calls

During our calls I’ll help you to:
  • identify where feelings of overwhelm, stress, burnout, guilt or lack of fulfilment come from
  • figure out where you can and need to make changes
  • set boundaries and communicate them in your business and in your private life
  • find out which activities, people and events give you energy and which don’t (+ take action accordingly)
  • try out specific strategies, experiment with new ways of working, of building rest and time for yourself in your days

At the end of our time together, you’ll

  • be empowered to make choices around working hours, marketing and social media + other boundaries
  • have gained clarity on your business priorities, and have discovered how to build + run your business in a way that feels good to you
  • feel calm + rested
  • feel strong in your boundaries around clients + customers and social media + marketing
  • know what a balanced life looks like for you, and how to keep making that a reality

3 months, 4 calls

Perfect for identifying struggles + problems, trying out new strategies, and making practical changes
  • 4 calls of 60 minutes, via Zoom
  • a pre-call questionnaire
  • worksheets + exercises to help you make changes in between the calls
  • emails after each call with action steps
  • check-ins via email in between calls

€360 (around £330)*

*payment plans available

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