Substack for small business

a collection of my best resources on Substack for small business

3 ways to make Substack work for your business:

  1. Read my posts about how I’m using Substack to grow my business: on my blog and on Substack
  2. Go deeper: take my mini-course Substack for small business owners, freelancers and artists
  3. Get bespoke support: book a one-off call or package to get my support in setting up and levelling up Substack in your business.


Substack 101: how to use and enjoy the platform

Should you move your newsletter to Substack?

3 reasons why Substack is great for small business

Why I moved my small business newsletter to Substack

Lessons from 6 months on Substack: what worked and what’s next

mini-course: Substack for small business owners, freelancers and artists

This mini-course will help you to make Substack work for you and your business. It is full of my own experiences, the research I did and best practices I collected–without being overwhelming or confusing.

A gentle and effective approach to Substack is here.

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