Let me help you create the work-life balance you long for.

You’re aching to feel less stressed and overwhelmed at work and in life. You want to have more time for hobbies, a side hustle or simply some moments alone. You long to feel calmer, more energised and happier.

Instead you’re struggling just to make it from one task to the next. You’re always tired trying to juggle work and life, let alone time for yourself. You feel guilty for not spending enough time on friends + family, let alone on yourself.

I can help you set boundaries that create room for the life you want to live. I can help you feel empowered and in control of your life.

I work with women who struggle with their work-life balance, who feel like they never work enough either at their job or at home. Women who feel like they can never fully get on top of work or life. I work with both (small) business owners and women working 9-to-5 jobs. What my clients have in common is a desire for a more fulfilling, intentional life, a longing for balance and flow.

I’m really good at helping others feel more space and clarity instead of overwhelm, stress and lack of fulfilment. I use mindset strategies to help you reframe your ideas about work and life, and challenge you to experiment with practical habits and routines that make a difference to your day-to-day life.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Annie Dillard


After working with Astrid I literally felt more space in my head. I felt more clarity and certainly about the new boundaries I wanted to set, and how to set them. – R.

The first change I made when I worked with Astrid was to take my work email off my phone. It made a huge difference in how overwhelmed and stressed I felt. I also worked on organising my mornings differently, which made me start my days calmer and more focused. – Meredith

I loved how much clarity working with Astrid gave me. The strategies she provided were concrete and I could immediately use them in my daily life. – Iris

Working with me
  • I work online through Zoom. Coaching sessions are always 1 hour long.
  • Before your first session I’ll ask you to fill in a brief questionnaire so that we can immediately dive into what you need in our session.
  • After each call I’ll send you notes, exercises and worksheets so you can continue to work on achieving the work-life balance you long for in between our calls. In between calls I’m available for questions, advice + support via email.
Choosing a one-off call or a package of 4 calls

In a one-off call I’ll help you find clarity and unpick your feelings of overwhelm, stress and lack of fulfilment.

In a package of 4 calls, we’ll do everything we’d do in a one-off call and figure out possible avenues for changes. I’ll support you as you make these smaller and bigger changes to your life. At the end of four calls you will feel empowered to take control of your life. You’ll feel confident in setting and communicating boundaries. Moreover, you can use the tools that I’ve provided during the sessions whenever new work-life challenges arise.

Your investment + booking your first call

Wonder whether we’re a good fit? Have a question or do you want to talk through the coaching process with me? Book a chemistry call with me: free of charge, and with no strings attached. If you decide to not go ahead with working with me, there’s no hard feelings.

The cost of a one-off 1-hour coaching call is €100 (about £90). A package of 4x 1-hour calls is €360 (about £330), which you can pay either at once, or in four instalments of €90 (about £83).

Special (limited) bonus offer!
Book a one-off call or a package and get a BIG bonus:
€50 (around £45) for a 60-minute one-off call
€160 (around £145) for a package of 4 x 60-minute calls

Of course, we’ll always have a clarity call first to see whether we’re a good fit.

let’s get to know each other