more kind words from the small business owners who I’ve worked with:

“Before our call I felt quite overwhelmed and confused. I was struggling with my balance, as a small business owner, as well as a working freelancer and as a mother to a small child. Balancing my work loads, my work aims, marketing and social media and how to fit it all in, whilst trying to live and work gently.

After our call, I felt like I had a much better understanding of my work/life/balance issues, seeing them clearly with steps to take to organise them better, with aims to more forward which felt exciting.”

— Freya Lines, designer and paper artist

“Before our call, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of mental load but unsure how to prioritize what I really wanted to make happen (evergreen marketing, more distance from tasks through getting help, finally aiming for that four day work week). I also struggled with being proactive and taking action on some of the things I identified about my relationship with social media. And as usual I was struggling with being able to give myself permission to make some of the changes I wanted to, something that our call really helped me do! 

After our call, I felt much more clear-headed about what I want and what I need to do to make that happen. Part of that was just having the space to process verbally with someone who understands running a small business but who isn’t too closely connected to my own small business (and thus has a more objective view). The other (bigger) part of getting to this clarity were some of the pointed questions you asked – both around what practical steps I would take but also on why I wanted something. The fact that I had to communicate both my reasons for feeling a certain way AND my plan of action around that feeling really helped me to get clear myself on what exactly needs to happen. 

I feel both motivated AND confident on what we discussed and what I decided to do about each of those things. The confidence came I think from having a non-judgemental person ask me ‘why’ several times. Once I put it into words, I had a better understanding of it myself and was able to just let it be what I want without qualifying it as good/bad or feeling guilty.” 

— Ruth Werwai, Raincloud & Sage

“Before my call with Astrid I felt uneasy about using social media and had some concerns about continuing with Facebook and Twitter. I felt quite overwhelmed by the “need” to show up everywhere. But our call helped to relay my fears around letting go of those channels in order to make more room for other marketing opportunities. 

Astrid also helped me establish that I thrive in smaller groups and accept that it’s okay to put my energy into the spaces where I feel safest. I’ve experimented with different forms of business support and it was useful to figure out what’s worked well for me and where I’ve tried things that perhaps aren’t the right fit. 

I was amazed by how much we covered in such a short space of time. Astrid was so well prepared, which really put me at ease and help me enjoy the process!”

— Sarah Robertson, These Are the Days