how I created a slow, gentle and profitable business

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that running my business without the hustle, in a way that nourishes me is key. I want to run a business that allows me to work with my strengths and energy. A business that allows me to grow and develop. And a business that allows me to make the money I need and want. In this blog post, I write how I created a slow, gentle and profitable business and offer strategies to help you to do the same.

a different way of running your business

You too, may be craving a business without the pressure or the hustle. You started your business because you wanted more space and time in your days. You wanted more flexibility: to take daytime walks, work around caregiving duties, next to another job, or while dealing with (chronic) illness. You wanted more autonomy, make decisions that nourish you. You wanted more space to express your creativity, to grow and develop and ways that feel good to you. 

But a lot of business advice focuses on the hustle. On working really hard. On having to use every minute of every day to make your business work. On not being able to take a break the first couple of years in your business. On being on all the channels all the time. On equalling consistency with ‘always on’. 

I do believe that much of this advice is well-meant. But sometimes it can be so loud that it seems that there is no space for those of us who want to live our lives differently. Who want to create businesses that are slower and gentler, and profitable too. 

There is a slower, gentler and more profitable way of running your business

what a slow, gentle and profitable business looks like for me


I’ve created a business without the hustle, productivity hacks or get rich quick schemes. It is a business that is growing, at a pace that is sustainable for me. I acknowledge that growth takes time, and remind myself frequently that there is no pressure, only impatience. Running a slow business means that I market it in a way that doesn’t require me to be ‘on’ all the time. It is a business that allows for more space, time and quiet in my days. 


Building a business that truly nourishes me. Recognizing that my vision for my business can shift, and that is okay. Running my business from your intuition, and leaning into that. Trusting myself.


A business that is slow and gentle, and that makes the kind of money that I want. This means getting honest about my numbers and pricing in a way that supports the vision for my vision. It means focusing on what I need as ‘enough’ rather than on aiming for that magical six figures.

are you ready to build a slow, gentle and profitable business?

an experiment for a small, gentle and profitable business

What does a slow, gentle and profitable business look like for you?

Take a moment to think about or journal about these questions:

slow: how do you feel about the current pace of your business? Where do you experience pressure? What does sustainable growth look like for you, practically and mentally?

gentle: where can you be more gentle with yourself and your expectations of yourself? Where do you need more space? What is and isn’t working in how you’re running your business?

profitable: what are your financial goals (e.g. taking your business full-time, making an income next to a 9-to-5, etc.)? What does this mean in terms of how much you need to earn? What is your ‘enough’-number?

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