1:1 mentoring for small business owners who want a slow, gentle + profitable business

topics I can support you with

  • forging a business and life away from the norm of overwork, the hustle and productivity culture
  • marketing in a non-icky, slow and gentle way, with or without social media, that doesn’t require you to be ‘on’ all the time 
  • using Substack as a small business owner or freelancer
  • creating a slow, gentle and profitable business that fits in with your life, needs and desires, incl. running a business next to a family, a job or (chronic) illness.

‘Astrid has an uncanny ability to simplify muddled messes and tease out practical solutions.’

Vanessa Simpson, photographer

the focus sessions

One hour just for you and your business, with two weeks of email or Voxer support afterwards.

Clients have used these sessions to make a plan for the next steps in their business, reviewed their marketing strategy with me, gained focus on the boundaries they need to set and more.

Feel focused, calm + supported to make changes. 

The focus sessions can be used either as a one-off, or you can book several of these calls in a row.

£180 | €200

Includes a 1-hour call, notes afterwards + two weeks of email or Voxer support. You’re free to book as many of these calls as you want.


Freya Lines, paper artist & designer

“I felt like I had a much better understanding of my work/life/balance issues, seeing them clearly with steps to take to organise them better, with aims to more forward which felt exciting. I really liked that Astrid championed the way I work, working gently, there was no element of applying more pressure or more tasks.”

Ruth Werwai, Raincloud & Sage

“I felt much more clear-headed about what I want and what I need to do to make that happen. I got a lot of clarity from some of the pointed questions Astrid asked – both around what practical steps I would take (ex: what’s my plan to spend less time on IG) but also on why I wanted something (ex: why I want to hire help etc). The fact that I had to communicate both my reasons for feeling a certain way AND my plan of action around that feeling really helped me to get clear myself on what exactly needs to happen.” 

Sarah Robertson, these are the days

“Before my call with Astrid I felt uneasy about using social media and had some concerns about continuing with Facebook and Twitter. I felt quite overwhelmed by the ‘need’ to show up everywhere. But our call helped to relay my fears around letting go of those channels in order to make more room for other marketing opportunities. I was amazed by how much we covered in one hour. Astrid was so well prepared, which really put me at ease and help me enjoy the process!” 

frequently asked questions

How do I know you’re the right mentor for me?

I’d invite you to browse my blog and read my newsletter to get a sense of my style. My aim is to support you to create a slow, gentle + profitable business. I don’t believe in the hustle, ten-step plans, productivity hacks and get rich quick schemes. I do believe that we can all create and run businesses that deeply support the lives we want to live, in a pressure-free + aligned way. Read more about my thoughts on a slow, gentle and profitable business here.

I’d be happy to have a chat if you have further questions (no strings attached): send me a message at astrid [at] astridbracke [dot] com, or book a discovery call if you’re interested in a package.

Who do you work with?

I work with all kinds of female small business owners and freelancers, from creatives of varying kinds to product-based business owners and service providers. Most of them have an online business. All of them want to create and run a business that’s different from the norm.

I’m just starting out. Is working with you suitable?

Absolutely: I’ve got experience working with small business owners who are just starting out, and those with years of experience (+ my own experience as a small business owner).

I’ve got several years of experience working in my business. Is working with you suitable?

Absolutely: I’ve got experience working with small business owners who are just starting out, and those with years of experience (+ my own experience as a small business owner).

How do I book a call?

You can immediately book a focus session here. You can book the package by contacting me (see the form below). If you’re interested in the package, we can have a discovery call, free of charge, to help you decide. Book your discovery call through Podia here.

What is the difference between the focus sessions and the package of calls?

The difference between these is the level of support I offer after/in between the calls. If you book a series of focus sessions, you get two weeks of email or Voxer support after a call–with the package of calls, you get email or Voxer for the entire period we’re working together. As such, the package offers more support and accountability than the focus sessions.

Do all calls have to be 60 minutes long?

No. For my package clients, you can choose whether to book 60 or 30-minute sessions, or a combination of both. I’m happy to discuss options. 

Can I pay for the package in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in four instalments for the package. You’ll pay the first quarter before our first call, and the other quarters in monthly instalments.

How and when do I pay?

You’ll pay through Podia (Paypal/Stripe) before our (first) session.

Do you offer a referral discount?

If you’ve worked with me, and then refer me to a friend who also books a call, you get a free 30-minute check-in call. Please make sure that your friend mentions your name when they book, so I can get in touch with you.

I received a discount code for a focus and follow through session but I see you’re no longer offering them. Can I still use the code?

If you previously received a discount code for a focus and follow through session the code and session is valid until end of 2023–send me a message and I’m happy to book you in

work with me

I’d love to know more about you! If it looks like you’ve found the small business mentor you’ve been looking for (yay!), do get in touch about working together.