3 ways to build relationships with customers and clients

Last month I ordered a bunch of garden plants from my favourite small online organic plant store. Since redoing our garden last year, I’ve ordered from them multiple times a year and I love them. It turns out, they love me too: with the order, a card was included saying that they’d noticed that I frequently order, and that they want to thank me for it with two free sachets of seeds.

That note made my day. And it reminded me of one of our superpowers as small business owners: the ability to share our personality and connect directly with our customers.

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3 ways to build relationships with customers and clients

#1 Create a balance between free products and paid products

Free resources are a great way of helping your potential customers and clients get to know you. They’re also a great way to support existing customers and clients. For example, if you sell jewellery, you might send a link to a free guide on taking care of your jewellery with every order. Or as a service provider, you might create a resource to help your clients go deeper into a topic that frequently comes up for them.

#2 Add a personal touch

Adding small things to your orders can show your appreciation, from a handwritten card, to a bag of tea, a sachet of seeds and a free postcard that they can send to their friends.

As a small business mentor, I often check in with clients when I know that they have something big coming up. I love doing this: I think about my clients in between our calls, and I know the difference it can make to receive a message of support (and sending these messages give me great joy).

Adding a small personal touch can make a huge impact.

There is a slower, gentler and more profitable way of running your business.

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Instead: marketing and launching that is slow, gentle and gets results. Clear boundaries and priorities that encourage you to live a life next to your business. Accountability and support to help you create the live and business you crave.

#3 Reward returning customers

I loved that card that I got from the plant store. If you notice a recurring order, you might do the same—even if you don’t give something to your customer, just acknowledging that you’ve noticed, and thanking them, creates a connection and shows that you’re a human, not just a big-company robot.

Whether you provide a service or sell products, you can also offer a discount to returning customers. Since community is one of my core values, I offer a referral bonus to my customers: if they refer me to someone else who books a call, the first customer gets a free 30-minute check-in session as a thank you.

Create connection with rewards for returning customers

Want more inspiration about how other small business owners build and run their small, gentle and profitable businesses? Check out the interview series for lots of goodness.

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I’m here to help you feel more supported in your business. I’m here to give you the confidence to run your business from that place of deep inner knowing inside of you, offering my signature blend of mindset shifts and practical steps.

Take a moment to think about or journal on these questions.

How can you build relationships with your customers?

What inspiring experiences have you had yourself with other businesses?

Taking a moment to think about this can help you forge deeper connections with the people you want to serve.

I’d love to know which of these strategies to feel more supported in your business you’ve tried, and which you’re going to try out. I’d love to know!

Please feel free to share it with business friends, in your newsletter or on social media. 💛

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