social media resources

a collection of my resources to change the role of social media in your business

#1: blog posts

I’ve written a lot about the role of social media in my business and how it’s changed over the years.

From limiting the time and energy I spent on it, to taking breaks and taking my business completely away from it, check out my posts to get inspired.

#2: free email series

I created a free email series to support you in moving your business away from social media: whether you want to spend less time marketing on social media, or want to quit altogether.

Over the course of four weeks I’ll walk you through discovering ways of marketing that feel good to you, how to make your existing channels work harder and make a plan going forward.

#3: social media guide for small business owners

While the email series is largely practical, the social media guide for small business owners combines the practical with the emotional.

Starting with exploring how social media makes you feel, this guide will walk you through potential changes to make so that you can use social media in your business in a way that feels good.

#4: 1:1 mentoring

As a small business mentor, I speak to a lot of business owners who want to change their marketing. Social media comes up again and again.

Together, we can make a plan to market your business without pressure, without having to be ‘on’ all the time, without even being on social media, if that’s what you want.

I’m by your side as you discover what works for you and keep you gently accountable as you make changes.

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