The marketing strategy that works for me in 2022

In mid-2021 I wrote a few posts about my marketing strategy and ecosystem. Since then I’ve made a few changes that make me feel even better in my business. I left Instagram, am writing more newsletters and am really investing in using my network and community. In this post I’ll share more about my marketing strategy right now, and give you tips to try out yourself. 

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My content marketing ecosystem

In the original post, I used two concepts to talk about my marketing. The first is my marketing ecosystem, and the second is my marketing strategy. 

I find thinking in terms of a marketing ecosystem particularly useful as it really requires me to have all different parts of my marketing fit together. Importantly, it helps me get clear on what the hub of my business is, and what flows from that. 

my content ecosystem
my current content ecosystem

At the heart of my marketing ecosystem is my website. If potential clients would only check out one place to find out about me, I’d want them to check out my website. I redesigned my website earlier this year (including update my tagline to better suit my business focus: slow, gentle + profitable), and it now really feels like me, and like the business I want to run. I want everything else I do to fall in line with that feeling and that message. 

Surrounding my website are the other parts of my marketing ecosystem: my newsletter, my blog, Pinterest and community. Anything that happens on my website, I share in these other channels. 

My marketing strategy

From having clarity through my ecosystem, a marketing strategy organically developed.

With my website as the hub and heart of my business, it is the starting point of my strategy. Any new product or service lives on my website. From there, I share about it my newsletter (actually, my newsletter subscribers are usually the first to find out about any new products or services, so make sure you’re on the list). I write blogposts that tie into my services and products, or that are exemplary of how I work and how I support small business owners. For every blog post I create several pins, which I schedule according to my Pinterest strategy. I also create dedicated pins for new products, and for my newsletter lead magnets. 

my marketing strategy
my current marketing strategy

Finally, I’ve really begun to tap into my community and network over the past six months. When I was on Instagram, I always had most success when I reached out to others explicitly to share my new posts with them.

One of my goals for 2022 is to grow my business through community. I’m deliberately seeking out like-minded people to collaborate with and share with. I’ve raved about the Aligned Community before, and it remains my favourite space online. It’s a lovely group of like-minded small business owners who want to live and work in tune with different kinds of cycles. Another group I treasure is my mastermind group: although the official programme has long ended, we continue to catch up every month. And then there are other people I reach out to, just as I would have done on Instagram, only now through good old-fashioned email. 

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I’ve got a couple of podcast interviews planned, and a few workshops as well. In the rest of the year I’d love to do more workshops in communities or memberships. I love doing them, and I’m good at them too (find out more here).

In the end, developing a marketing strategy is about following what feels good to you. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past three+ years in business, is the value of following my intuition, tapping into my strengths and developing what gives me energy. I’ve got a free workbook on developing your marketing strategy available to newsletter subscribers.

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I hope this blog post gave you some ideas on creating your own marketing strategy that feels good.

Do let me know what you get out of this post. Send me a message, I’d love to chat. 

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